Sitting Too Long Leads to Multiple Mental Health Issues

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If you haven’t heard, there has been a lot of talk about recent scientific studies that show that sitting down for prolonged periods of time leads to a shorter lifespan as well as a variety of health problems. Spending a lot of time on your arse, such as watching television, using your cell phone, doing work at a desk, or using computers, can make a significant impact on the metabolic functioning of your body, add to your belly fat, your cardiovascular health, as well as have a negative impact on your mind.

Prolonged sitting increases your risk of insomnia, arthritis, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, and developing certain types of cancer and that’s not all. You can also increase your risk of dying younger than you should. Think you’re safe because you are fit and you exercise regularly? Nope, think again. You are still vulnerable even if you are as fit as any athlete.

It’s becoming more and more clear that movement, any kind of movement, is critical for our longevity and health, even more so than a regular exercise program. If you want to lower those risks mentioned above, you need to get up off your fanny and you need to do it fairly often. Science has shown that temporary vigorous exercise does not make up for the damage that happens from extensive time spent sitting.

Think of sitting as your brains worst enemy. Your brain is not much different from the rest of your body. It needs strong blood flow, optimal glucose and good oxygenation to work properly. When you are sitting, the skeletal muscle fibers in your body aren’t contracting, as they do when you are standing or walking about. Because of this, your body requires less fuel and the extra glucose begins to stack up in your bloodstream. This leads to diabetes, obesity, as well as other health problems.

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