How You are Killing Yourself and You Don’t Even Know It!

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Not everyone is alike. Two people can encounter the same experience and while one finds it exciting, the other person is scared to death. However, you know when and how much stress you go through on a daily basis, so you are the best judge of whether or not you are under chronic stress.

Stress is contagious on occasion. Don’t allow yourself to take on someone else’s stress. It’s easy to get caught up in a conversation with someone and feel their stress. Talk in a calm and gentle manner, lowering your voice so that your body will realize that there is no threat or danger.

You can take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that everything will work out, but this doesn’t help everyone. If you can’t find ways to de-stress or remove yourself from stressful situation or people, try talking to someone who understands your situation and can offer advice. This can be a tremendous relief for most people.

Getting some regular exercise, making time for fun and games, getting plenty of sleep and eating a healthy diet will better equip your body to deal with stressful situations.

You might want to consider taking some adaptogen herbs, such as ashwagandha, to give your body a bit of an upper edge on stress.


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Chronic stress is absolutely exhausting for the mind and body. Find ways to lower your stress levels and enjoy things that reduce or eliminate your stress, whatever those things might be for you.


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