How to Feel Like a Super Human Every Single Day

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Have you been feeling like you are out of whack lately? That somehow, things in your life have gotten so out of hand that they are no longer in your control and you are out of imbalance? Everyone feels that way from time to time. Your life might be out of whack if you find any of the following are true:

  • Eating a great deal of junk food/fast food
  • No desire to get out of bed in the morning (even on the weekends)
  • Finding it almost impossible to find anything positive in life
  • Feeling tired but not wanting to go to sleep
  • No interest in doing the things you love
  • Distracting yourself with YouTube, Facebook, or movies
  • Constantly feeling nervous, unsettled, restless

Sometimes these are signs of depression, but if you have been the anti-depressant route and it hasn’t worked, perhaps you just need to get back to the self-care techniques that will help you put your life back into perspective.

Get yourself back on track with the following techniques and feel like the super human being that you truly are every single day.


1. Look at Contrasts

Get a piece of paper and split it in two columns. On one side, list all of the things in life that you WANT. This includes the things you want to do, the things you want to be, the life you want to live, the places you want to go, etc. In the other column, write the things you DON’T want. People you don’t want to be with, things you don’t want to do, things you don’t want to be, etc. Every day, read one or two items from the want list and focus on making those things manifest in your life. Don’t waste your time or energy on the things in the “don’t want” list.


2.  Take Breaks from Social Media

If you are one of those people who sleep with their phone next to them, wake up and check your Facebook, Twitter, or email accounts before you even have coffee, and spend hours getting involved in those tit for tat name calling debates that tend to happen on these social media sites, it’s time to stop. Not only can social media sites be a huge waste of time, they can be pretty depressing as well. Try spending just one morning, or one evening away from social media and see how much better you will start to feel.

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