Huge List of 22 Types of Honey and Their Medicinal Properties

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8. Sunflower Honey

Honey made from sunflowers is as bright yellow in color as the flowers it comes from. This is one of the most popular types of honey because if its taste, but it does tend to crystallize quickly.  Sunflower honey is good for those suffering from throat or sinus problems. It can also help reduce inflammation and gives those who use it an extra boost of energy. This is a popular honey for both children and the elderly because of its mild nature and exceptional taste.


9. Rapeseed Honey

This honey is a very light yellow color and generally has a great deal of flower pollen. It crystallizes soon after it is made, but this only makes it easy for you to tell that it is real, raw honey. Rapeseed honey cleanses the liver and helps to regulate fatty acid levels in the body.


10. Forest Honey

Sometimes called Pine honey or Honeydew, this honey is made from different types of pine, cedar, or fir trees in the forests. Although pine trees do not have flowers, during certain times of the year they do produce something called honeydew. If you have ever sat under a pine tree and had this substance drip onto your picnic, then you know what it is. This honey is super tasty and very dark in color.  It has super strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds. This honey is rich in iron, so it’s a good choice for those who are anemic or are trying to recover from surgery. Low in sugar but rich in minerals, it’s also a good choice for athletes and diabetics.


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11. Linden Honey

Super clear, almost transparent, and super sweet. Linden honey is a good choice for the treatment of the flu because it promotes sweating. It has very positive effects on the digestion as it is anti-spasmodic, and can sooth stomach or abdominal pain. This is a good honey to use when you are doing a detox program as it stimulates the body to excrete toxins.

NOTE: Those with heart problems should NOT use linden honey.


12.  Wildflower Honey

Sometimes called floral honey, meadow honey, or flower honey, this comes from a wide variety of wildflowers, depending on the area. This honey has a nice amber color, is very sweet, and has a delightful smell. Because it comes from a large variety of flowers, this honey is especially good at improving the immune system. It can also help those who suffer from seasonal allergies or allergic asthma. If you want to really lessen your allergies, be sure to get wildflower honey from the area where you live, as it will contain pollen from the flowers that cause you allergies. Take one tablespoon of this honey every single day for at least one year to help your body fight back against allergies naturally.

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