Immune Compromised Americans Have Little Resistance Against Ebola

The continuing over medication of Americans has made us a nation of immune compromised people who are especially vulnerable to the Ebola virus. This is because pharmaceuticals leech vitamins and minerals from the body that it desperately needs to support a healthy immune system.

All the currently popular medications actually remove the same nutrients that the body needs to activate our immune system. This includes vital minerals such as zinc, vitamins that help with hormone production, such as vitamin D, even more common vitamins such as niacin and thiamine.

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There is perhaps no other country that is more highly medicated than America, in which drug companies have invented reasons to put our children on psychiatric drugs. In fact, most elderly Americans take about 10 to 15 medications every day.

The truth is, most Americans live in a chronic state of nutrient deficiencies that compromise the immune system and make them extremely vulnerable to not only degenerative disease, such as diabetes and cancer, but viruses such as influenza and Ebola.

Of course everyone is hoping that Ebola never comes to America, and some people are already quite certain that it will, but if it should, it will find fertile ground and it can spread like dust in the wind through a population that has a weakened immune system. In fact, the medical industry depends on the profits from repeat business. There is no money in curing or preventing disease, only to manage it with prescriptions for life.

Our food industry only weakens us further with its mass marketed foods which are completely barren of any real nutrition. And although the marketing industry has told us that vitamins and nutrients have no real role in our health, they also won’t recognize any benefits from vitamins such as vitamin D or C or minerals like zinc. Some health advocates are even ridiculed for suggesting that nutrients are vital to our health and immune system, but the same persons laughing at nutrients insist that pharmaceuticals are vital to our children’s health.

Here are a few tips everyone should pay attention to if you want to stay alive should Ebola become prevalent in America:

  • Improve your immune system as much as possible
  • Get rid of everything toxic out of your home
  • Eat only fresh, organic produce
  • Get plenty of sleep so your immune system is as strong as possible
  • Heavy metals in the body suppress immune function so do regular detox programs.
  • Limit your exposure or find ways to manage your stress levels
  • Since we can’t live in a plastic bubble, accept the fact that, if this virus gets loose, you will probably be exposed to it eventually. The key is to control when your exposure occurs so that you can get maximum rest and recovery.

Don’t forget that Ebola has an incubation period of between 2 to 21 days.