Top 6 Ways You can Boost Your Immunity


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Your immune system works very hard for you every day, probably harder than you know. So it only makes sense for you to return the favor. It takes much more than just an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Here are 6 very simple ways to give you immune system a much needed, as well as an extremely effective, boost.


1. Meditation

Meditation may sound like some New Age fad but it’s been shown in many research studies to be very beneficial to both your brain as well as your immune system. Meditation takes practice, so start with 5 minutes per day and work yourself up to 20 minutes for a truly positive immune system kick.


2. Nature Walks

Taking relaxing walks in nature does wonders for one’s physical as well as mental health. Research shows that walking through the forest, park, or beach increases our white blood cell count and, at the same time, lowers blood pressure, and the stress hormone cortisol. Research conducted in Japan shows that walking in green areas, such as forests, might even fight cancer. Plants produce phytoncides, a chemical that helps protect them from rotting and insects. When people are close to green plants we breathe in these chemicals, which actually causes our bodies to increase the level of “killer” immune cells that are a natural immune system response to cancer.


3. Eliminate Refined Sugars

Many research studies have shown that within 30 minutes after eating sugar, the body’s immune system function drops as much as 50 per cent. That’s shocking news. Eating too much sugar is linked to many diseases such as colitis, obesity, heart disease, and other addictive behaviors, such as alcoholism. Sugar comes in many forms so read labels and avoid sugars as much as possible in your diet to improve your immune system. Find out products that hide sugar.

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