Top 6 Ways You can Boost Your Immunity

happy people

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4. Look on the Bright Side

Persons who tend to look at life as the “glass is half empty” tend to have weaker immune systems than optimists (read more how we are ruining the immune system). Generally speaking, looking at the bright side or having a positive frame of mind encourages a positive immune system function. Some scientists believe that holding onto anger, criticism, guilt, and resentment cause numerous diseases within the body. Overall, pessimists have much poorer health in the long run than optimists. So it’s in your own best interest to begin to look on the bright side of life, learn to relax, remove yourself from negative thoughts and negative people and find ways to deal with persistent negative emotions that don’t seem to resolve themselves over time.


5. Laugh More

Continuing along the positive outlook theme, research has shown time and time again that those who laugh last laugh best. Laughter also encourages the immune system to perform better as well as lowering inflammation levels within the body. So watch funny movies, videos online, get closer to those folks who make you laugh. Never miss out on an opportunity to LOL.


6. Supportive People

Healthy, supportive social relationships have been shown in studies to improve your health as well as give you immune system a healthy boost whereas isolation and feelings of loneliness suppress your immune function. Even a hug from a good friend or family member can improve your immunity. (And they feel so good!) So spend more time with good friends, family, and other types of support groups that make you feel good.


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