Improve Your Immune System with the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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Your subconscious mind can do all those things mentioned above, but even more so. Your conscious mind only controls about 5 percent of your brain. Your subconscious mind has the other 95 percent of your thoughts and feelings. Even if your conscious mind believes that you are healthy, your unconscious mind could be playing that old tape from long ago, “Cancer runs in my family”, or “My parents died of heart attacks before 60 and so will I.”

The truth is, only about 5 percent of the population has truly inadequate genes. That means the other 95 percent of us have great (or at least acceptable) genes. So why is everyone so sick? One study found that when children were adopted into families that had a history of cancer, that child also developed a higher risk of developing cancer, even though he/she had no actual physical relation to the adopted parents. This proves that cancer, and many other chronic diseases are not as much determined by our genes, but by the thought patterns and behaviors that are passed down from generation to generation and are accepted as truth by your subconscious mind. Find out top 8 things that increase your breast cancer.

Visualization is a tool for controlling your subconscious mind and resetting or reprogramming your subconscious mind. The fundamental means to good health begins with rewriting your limiting belief systems that are affecting your health. Such as, “I must go to the doctor to get well.” Exchange that for “My body is so amazing, it can heal itself!”

Your thoughts are not just words in your head, they hold power, and are very real. They can cause actual biological and physiological changes. Your body responds to thoughts every bit as much as things that physically happen to you. Think about times when you wanted to get out of a test at school or you wanted a few days off work. You would pretend to be sick, telling everyone you didn’t feel well, maybe you started coughing and wore a long, sad face. The thing was, by the time you left early because you were “sick”; you actually started to feel sick, didn’t you? By the end of your performance, you started to feel so bad that you wondered if the lie had become the truth, maybe you really WERE coming down sick. That, friends, is the power of the mind. If you tell yourself you are sick, you are. You have about 70,000 thoughts every single day. Why not make the most of them and make them count?

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