Improve Your Immune System with the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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In one experiment, scientists of the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands trained 12 subjects to do Tibetan Tummo (a type of inner heat yoga) that involved things such as breathing exercises, third-eye meditation, and cold exposure. They then trained these subject to use this yoga method of fend off inflammation. Another 12 subjects received no training.

The subjects who were trained in Tibetan Tummo underwent an inflammation test, and at the same time, they were injected with a type of bacteria that causes symptoms similar to the flu.

The subjects who had been trained had fewer, as well as less intense, flu like symptoms than the group that had received no training. Also, the trained subjects produced much smaller amount of proteins that related to inflammation and high levels of a protein that is known to fight inflammation in the body, interleukin-10.

Of course Western immunologists and neurobiologists are skeptical. They tend to scoff at studies such as these, but this isn’t the only study that shows that the mind can control the immune system. Australian scientists also came to a similar conclusion that the mind can influence the intensity of allergic reactions.

In this study, several volunteers that were in good health were injected with histamine, a substance that causes allergic reactions. The study was set up so that these subjects thought they received only one injection, and that a doll had received the other injection but in fact, the subjects received injections in both arms.

The allergic response on both arms of the subjects was evaluated and scientists found that the subjects that believed that they had been given only one injection had a stronger reaction in that arm, and almost no reaction in the arm that also received an injection but the subjects were unaware of it. This study shows that the brain has control over specific body parts according to how we feel about them and how strong we “own” them.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and moods affect the physical state of your body. If you can learn to control your thinking, you will also learn how to control your immune system and the overall health of your body. Focus on the positive, tell yourself everyday how healthy you are and how healthy you feel. Practice meditation and yoga. Before long, you will see those positive changes that you have visualized in your mind.


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