Incredible List of 75 Super Healing Herbs and Their Uses

Fresh Lemon Thyme Herb

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10. Witch Hazel

The perfect skin astringent for acne or oily skin. It also works great on bruises, sprains, or other types of skin wounds. Witch hazel rejuvenates the skin, so rub some over your face after washing for an inexpensive but natural toner.


11. Vervain

Another little known herb that used to be quite popular for relieving depression and anxiety.


12. Thyme

This common spice used in cooking is also a powerful antibiotic that can stop respiratory tract infections and asthma symptoms.


13. Tarragon

This tasty spice you most likely have in your kitchen but you probably didn’t know that it can help treat both insomnia and depression.


14. Slippery Elm

This is an age old treatment that has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years to help stop sore throats, chest infections, bronchitis, even tuberculosis.


15. Rosemary

This sweet smelling herb is great for stimulating the brain, improving memory, and stopping migraine headaches. It’s also used to help improve blood circulation and stop hair loss.


16. Raspberry Leaf

The leaf from raspberry plants is high in calcium, and is known to help women control monthly cycles with heavy bleeding. It can prevent nausea and relax the cervix prior to childbirth. It’s also excellent for post-natal depression.


17. Parsley

When consumed raw, parsley is high in vitamin C and can help to improve digestion. It is also a powerful diuretic, so it’s good for detoxing the body, as well as being a pretty plate decoration!


18. Nutmeg

Adding a touch of nutmeg to your meals can help with indigestion and heartburn.


19. Peppermint

Although there are many different types of mint, garden mint tends to be milder than peppermint in its effects. Mint relieves gas and heartburn, eases stomach pain, nausea, and motion sickness. Encourages sweating, so it is good for detoxing as well as lowering a fever.

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