Incredible List of 75 Super Healing Herbs and Their Uses

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20. Calendula

Sometimes called Marigold, the essential oil can help to relieve cold sores, stop fungal infections, ringworm, and thrush. Calendula is also good for the liver, including those suffering from hepatitis.


21. Licorice

Balances the body as well as the nervous system. Not for long term use, as it can cause liver damage.


22. Lavender

Sweet smelling and super calming, lavender oil is great for skin problems, especially relieving chilblains. Adding a touch of lavender flowers to other herbal teas is good for stopping migraine headaches.


23. Horseradish

Its powerful taste and smell are great for reliving muscle aches, opening up the sinuses and easing chest congestion.


24. Goldenseal

This herb has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years to heal respiratory problems as well as stop ulcers, liver problems, and urinary tract infections.


25. Gingko Biloba

This is a popular herb that improves circulation to the brain, improving memory and concentration levels. It is also used to prevent strokes, give energy, and is a powerful antidepressant. This herb is consumed by people all over the world, including many who suffer from MS.


26. Feverfew

As the name implies, this herb will help break a fever, but it is also quite effective at stopping migraines, tension headaches, arthritis pain, and hangovers.


27. Fennel

Chewing fennel after meals will improve digestion, stop bad breath, and whiten the teeth.


28. Dill

Besides making dill pickles, this herb is an effective remedy for insomnia.


29. Dandelion

That weed out in your garden can be eaten and it has plenty of health benefits for doing so. Dandelion is a powerful detoxifier, helping the kidneys, liver, and gallbladder remove waste. It also purifies the blood and removes warts like magic. Rub the white juice from the leaf of a dandelion on the wart twice a day and it should fall off in a few weeks.

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