Innumerate Traditional Japanese Beauty Secrets To Adopt

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4. Rice

Besides living on a diet that consists of rice, Japanese women have found that removing the water from rice that has not been cooked has additional beauty benefits. It seems that applying the rice bran to the hair and face of Japanese women is the reason their hair is so soft and their face is wrinkle-free. It works so well it has been added to a skin care collection that is made in Japan.


5. Stay out of the sun

Rather than slather on sunscreen with the highest level of protection, Japanese woman do the only thing that is 100 percent effective in eluding sun damage from UV rays – they stay out of the sun. They protect their heads with wide-brimmed hats, they wear sunglasses to keep their eyes safe, and they wear clothes that safely cover them up from head to toe. Sun damage is one of the main ways women from all over the world end up with wrinkled skin.


6. Try a lotion mask

Originally Geishas in Japan used what is called a lotion mask. They would soak a piece of silk in distilled water in which flowers had been soaking in and place the material on their face. This procedure has been updated to soaking pieces of cotton wool with a lotion or toner and keeping it on the face for around 10 minutes. This gives the face a quick burst of moisture.

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