Innumerate Traditional Japanese Beauty Secrets To Adopt

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If you have always looked at the porcelain smooth complexion of a Japanese woman with envy, don’t worry, their secrets are secrets no more. Many beauty specialists have been investigating exactly what Japanese women do regarding their flawless skin and ageless beauty, and little by little they have been sharing them with women all over the world.

The following 15 beauty secrets are a comprehensive look at exactly what Japanese women do to achieve pure beauty – from what they eat to stay and looking to the foods and products they use to ensure their hair is as soft as their skin. Choose the ones that work for you and people will start asking you what your secrets are for remaining ageless and beautiful every year.


1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is where you use an abrasive product or item to gently remove the top layer of your facial skin. Men actually exfoliate their skin every time they shave their face. Once you exfoliate your face it is in a better condition to absorb any of the serums or moisturizers you apply later. When you exfoliate your skin, you remove dead tissues and help to keep your pores clear. Exfoliate your skin twice a week, but not more than that or you could cause your skin to become irritated.

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2. Drink green tea

While green tea is good for your health with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, Japanese women have even been known to use it topically to get rid of their acne. It is the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that keep the skin from becoming pigmented and wrinkled.


3. Pay attention to your diet

Japanese women believe that you really are what you eat. You cannot look beautiful on the outside if you are filling your body with junk food on the inside. They stay away from foods that are overly sugary as well as foods high in fat. Instead, they eat lots of fish that consist of omega-3 fatty acids and plenty of vegetables.

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4. Rice

Besides living on a diet that consists of rice, Japanese women have found that removing the water from rice that has not been cooked has additional beauty benefits. It seems that applying the rice bran to the hair and face of Japanese women is the reason their hair is so soft and their face is wrinkle-free. It works so well it has been added to a skin care collection that is made in Japan.


5. Stay out of the sun

Rather than slather on sunscreen with the highest level of protection, Japanese woman do the only thing that is 100 percent effective in eluding sun damage from UV rays – they stay out of the sun. They protect their heads with wide-brimmed hats, they wear sunglasses to keep their eyes safe, and they wear clothes that safely cover them up from head to toe. Sun damage is one of the main ways women from all over the world end up with wrinkled skin.


6. Try a lotion mask

Originally Geishas in Japan used what is called a lotion mask. They would soak a piece of silk in distilled water in which flowers had been soaking in and place the material on their face. This procedure has been updated to soaking pieces of cotton wool with a lotion or toner and keeping it on the face for around 10 minutes. This gives the face a quick burst of moisture.

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7. Choosing the right oil

When it comes to oil, Japanese women know just what works and what doesn’t. What works is camellia oil. This oil is able to seal moisture into the skin keeping it hydrated, as well as reducing wrinkles from developing.


8. Less is more when it comes to makeup

Japanese women use makeup to enhance their looks rather than try to recreate it. They use high-quality makeup and apply it to their porcelain complexion. When you put on too much makeup you are drawing more attention to skin that needs help rather than creating the perfect showcase for a flawless complexion.


9. Keep it simple

Japanese women believe in quality, not quantity. They don’t load up their vanity with tons of products, but put their focus on a small number of the best products around. They create a simple routine and stick to it every day. Most start out their day by cleaning their face in the morning then follow it up with a toner. They then smooth on a concentrated serum around the tender eye area and then apply a good moisturizer over their entire face. At night, they do the same type of routine by cleansing their face and end it by applying a good overnight cream.

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10. Stay clean

While most women think it is the anti-aging products that are the most important products to use to keep the wrinkles away, Japanese women invest in the best cleansers on the market. They know that if your skin is not clean, anything you put on it is not going to work and will just clog your pores and create blemishes and damaged skin. Put your money into a natural quality cleanser and everything else will fall into place after that.


11. The art of the luxurious bath

In Japan, baths are used not just to get clean, they are a beauty ritual that focuses on relaxation and renewal. They use a brush to exfoliate their skin from head to toe to release any dead skin. Then they enjoy a nice hot bath filled with some silky bath oils or green tea. They let their cares float away and calm their mind and body.


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12. Add vitamin C to your daily diet

While vitamin C is an effective ingredient in skin care, Japanese women go right to the source and get their vitamin C from oranges. Taking in the vitamin C directly helps to deal with melanin giving them an even complexion.