9 Anti-Aging Tips That Are Wasting Your Time

Photo credit: bigstockphoto.com

Photo credit: bigstockphoto.com

Everyone wants to look their best, and for most people that includes looking younger. There are always tips and tricks of the trade that people in the beauty business post on social media and with a captive audience, these hacks travel fast. The problem that is many of them just are not true. Listed below are 10 anti-aging tips that you shouldn’t waste your time on another minute.


1. The more expensive a product is the better it works

With skincare products that promise aging skin miraculous, wrinkle-free results, it’s not surprising that many women would spend whatever it takes to look years younger. The sad truth is that price is not a good indicator of what works and what doesn’t. Most popular cosmetic and skin care companies spend a great deal of money on packaging, advertising, and marketing. The actual cost of the product is minimal. One of the most effective skincare products on the market today comes from England and has clinical trials in the works to prove its promises of smoother skin. The company created an alliance with Walgreens and sells their products for $25 to $30.


2. You can exercise facial wrinkles away.

The good news is you can see some results by performing neck exercises to lose your turkey gobbler, but exercises to smooth away wrinkles on your face do not work. In fact, making the same movements over and over may actually give you new wrinkles.

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