9 Anti-Aging Tips That Are Wasting Your Time

Photo credit: bigstockphoto.com

Photo credit: bigstockphoto.com

Everyone wants to look their best, and for most people that includes looking younger. There are always tips and tricks of the trade that people in the beauty business post on social media and with a captive audience, these hacks travel fast. The problem that is many of them just are not true. Listed below are 10 anti-aging tips that you shouldn’t waste your time on another minute.


1. The more expensive a product is the better it works

With skincare products that promise aging skin miraculous, wrinkle-free results, it’s not surprising that many women would spend whatever it takes to look years younger. The sad truth is that price is not a good indicator of what works and what doesn’t. Most popular cosmetic and skin care companies spend a great deal of money on packaging, advertising, and marketing. The actual cost of the product is minimal. One of the most effective skincare products on the market today comes from England and has clinical trials in the works to prove its promises of smoother skin. The company created an alliance with Walgreens and sells their products for $25 to $30.


2. You can exercise facial wrinkles away.

The good news is you can see some results by performing neck exercises to lose your turkey gobbler, but exercises to smooth away wrinkles on your face do not work. In fact, making the same movements over and over may actually give you new wrinkles.

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Photo credit: bigstockphoto.com

Photo credit: bigstockphoto.com

3. If your mother has great skin, you will too.

There is no disputing that heredity plays a large part in our overall health, as well as how we look. Chances are if your mom looks great for her age, you have a good chance of following in her footsteps. The problem is that you have to take lifestyle habits into account for a more accurate picture. If you eat junk food, smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol on a regular basis, these factors will affect the quality of your skin.


4. The more moisturizer you use, the fewer wrinkles you will have.

Moisturizer does not get rid of wrinkles. What it does do is keep your skin hydrated. The best way to use your favorite moisturizer is to wet your face with water — whether you want to invest in a fancy spray bottle of imported water or just soak your face with a wash cloth soaked in tap water. Let your skin air dry then apply your moisturizer. This will help your skin maintain its level of hydration.


5. As you age, you no longer need sunscreen.

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the older you get, the thinner your skin gets and the greater chances it has of wrinkling. Many young people are more interested in going to the beach to get a tan than they are with protecting their skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. The problem is many bouts of tanning sessions that are conducted without sunscreen show their effects later. Wrinkled skin is only one side effect that could be caused by not using sunscreen. Melanoma is one of the most common kinds of skin cancer and requires extreme treatments to correct.


6. If you don’t show any emotions, you won’t get any wrinkles.

There are some women who believe that if they don’t laugh out loud or frown very deeply, they can avoid getting wrinkles on their face. Not only is that untrue, it’s not a very fun way to go through life. If you find yourself getting serious laugh lines or deep furrows from frowning, meet with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to see about treatments that are available to correct them. There are many non-invasive options that can be administered to your skin to fill in spots that are bothering you, and reactivate your collagen levels so they are able to ward off wrinkles naturally.

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7. If a small amount of product is good, more is even better.

It may seem logical that more is better, but in the case of your complexion, more could actually irritate your skin. Most products will communicate the amount of you should use to achieve the desired results. Using more of a product is no guarantee that it will act faster or better. It will also cost you more in the long run without giving you the results you are looking for. Less is more in this case!


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8. You don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days.

Just because the sun is not bright does not mean its powerful rays are not still shining down on you. This myth is realized by those who are outside on a seemingly overcast day at the beach, but end up with a small sunburn after a few hours. Always make sure you use a sunscreen that will protect your skin. If you use a product that has SPF 15 you will avoid 94 percent of the UVB rays while a product with SPF 45 will block around 98 percent of these rays. Anything in between the two will be effective skin protection.


9. The newest products are always the best.

Just because it is a new item in the cosmetics line, it doesn’t mean that it works better than other tried and true products. The best way to find out what products — new and old — really work is by reading reviews from the people who have paid for these products, not from people who were compensated for writing a review. Check out the company’s blogs and always read the good and bad reviews to see what to watch out for. Always keep in mind, one size does not fit all, so what may work for someone else may do nothing for you.