Is It A Real Superfood!?

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How much oatmeal should you work into your diet?

To lower cholesterol, you should eat about one and a half cups per day to get the job done. Other than that, a cup per day will suffice for nutritional benefits.

Ideally, raw oats should be prepared with water or milk. The taste may be somewhat bland if you are going to eat them plain, but you can spice it up with a little salt, some cinnamon, or perhaps add some sliced almonds, cherries or fresh berries.

Unless you are allergic to oats, they are absolutely safe to eat. To stay true to the health angle, avoid buying pre-packed, flavoured oatmeal, which the manufacturers often load with extra sodium and sugar.

Also, if you are allergic to gluten, always read the label of packaged oats to be sure there is definitely no gluten content. Oatmeal labelled as “porridge” sometimes contains added grains such as wheat, rice, or barley.


Oats for personal care.

Oats are not just excellent for eating. Many national and global personal care brands are using oat-related ingredients in the following cosmetic areas:

  • Hair care. Oats in hair products help to nourish hair, including shaft, follicle, and root.
  • Skin care. Oat ingredients provide natural organic skin care, which helps to maintain a healthy skin pH balance, and gives a softer, smoother feel to the skin.
  • Bath products. Modern soaps not only work to remove dirt and dead cells, but also nourish, moisturise, and replenish the skin. This is especially advantageous when using oatmeal bath products.

Research has positively indicated that the blending of oatmeal into cosmetic ingredients offers many natural advantages.

Oats are annual grasses that are used for both human and animal nutrition and are commonly grown all over the world. They were introduced to North America by Irish and Scottish settlers way back in the 1600s.

From humble beginnings as a purely animal feed, oats have become the darling of nutritionists and athletes everywhere. Thanks to the advancement of knowledge about nutrition, studies in the 1980s recognized oats as a superb health food.

To maintain and support good health easily and naturally, we should all endeavour to include oats into our diets — and eat them on a daily basis!



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