5 MIY Natural Facial and Body Scrubs for Beautiful Winter Skin

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Everyone knows how dry and dull winter skin can become. Between the below zero temperatures, the biting winds, and super dry inside air, it can take a real toll on your skin, especially on your face.

Thirsty, irritated skin needs a little extra attention to keep it looking its best. To give it the care it deserves, try one of these super rejuvenating face scrubs. Although they are designed for your face, there is nothing wrong with using these on your body as well.

No matter what the weatherman says is on the horizon, at least your skin can be bright and clear! Check out our 5 terrific face and body scrubs for some beautiful skin this winter:


Winter Superfruit Scrub

  What a wonderful winter snack – for your skin! With natural exfoliating alpha hydroxy fruit acid and more vitamin C than an orange, kiwi will help to give your skin more elasticity and make it softer than you thought possible.



  • Place all items in your blender and mix well on the lowest speed
  • It’s ready to use to wash your face! All of those little kiwi seeds will naturally exfoliate your skin.
  • You can also use it like a mask. Apply to your face, allow to dry, and then rinse off.
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