Is the USA Enabling the Spread of Ebola?

Although it might seem like a ridiculous statement, it really does seem as if the US government is encouraging the spread of the deadly virus Ebola, rather than trying their best to contain it. Below we are listing the top 10 pieces of evidence that demonstrate just how the government isn’t doing all it can to stop the spread of Ebola. Read these for yourselves and reach your own conclusion. If the government isn’t doing all this intentionally, then this must be the most incompetent government ever to hold office! Neither thought is comforting.


Photo credit: naturalnews

1. The Federal Government has had a patent on Ebola since 2010

By giving the government a patent, this essentially credits them with the ownership of their “invention.” This begs so many questions; it’s hard to know where to start. Why, and how, did the Fed’s patent their Ebola “invention”? When you patent something, it’s because you thought of it, created it, and want to stop anyone from duplicating your invention. If the government was granted a patent, are they publically stating that they invented this virus? Genetically modified it in some way? If so, why? What would be the point of genetically modifying a deadly virus? And if this virus does “belong” to the US government, are they responsible for the thousands (and perhaps millions in the near future) of deaths this virus has caused? Perhaps this is the reason why many people, including Liberian scientist Dr. Cyril Broderick, believes that this virus is an engineered bioweapon. Various sites around West Africa, and Africa, have been set up for testing emerging diseases in the past few years, especially the Ebola virus. Several UN Agencies, including the World Health Organization, have been accused of selecting, and even enticing, African countries to participate in vaccinations and testing.


2. The President is not calling for a stop to flights, and persons, traveling to and from infected countries.

Patient zero, now named as Thomas Duncan, flew right into Washington DC and the Dallas Fort Worth airports and was never screened for any health conditions, even though he has a Liberian passport.

Why are people whose flights come from West African countries still allowed to travel openly, without restrictions? Even the news media and doctors should have been in these countries should be quarantined for 21 days. Why aren’t we using our immigration set up at international airports to quarantine people who have traveled to these areas? For heaven’s sake, we have stricter controls on cats and dogs that enter this country than we do for humans who have traveled to West Africa! Your pet needs extensive health records and even then, sometimes they must be quarantined, but people, you can just walk/fly/drive right in!

3. The US government did nothing but watch Ebola spread for 6 months

The United States lost a golden window of opportunity for stopping this virus during the spring of this year, but, for some reason, government officials only stood back and watched it all unfold, even as their own infectious disease experts warned that something needed to be done.

You can say this is because it wasn’t on our continent, it didn’t concern them. You can say because it was only killing Africans, it didn’t concern them. In fact, the world’s overall response to this virus was lukewarm at best. Were politicians too busy planning their next re-election campaign, or were they simply dreaming of the juicy profits they would get from the sales of the vaccines?

The Pentagon’s construction of medical facilities with 1500 beds won’t even make a dent when the CDC’s estimates that, by the end of January 2015; this virus could reach 1.4 million victims.

Is it all that hard to imagine that the 3,000 soldiers sent to help stop the spread of this virus was merely a plan to expose these soldiers to the virus in order to bring them back home and spread this infection? We could start with vaccinations for the US military, who could then, in turn, force the vaccination of everyone in the US.


4. Family of Ebola victim quarantined in apartment that has not been decontaminated

After more than a week after a man from Liberia came down with Ebola and four days after he was put in an isolation ward in a Dallas hospital, the apartment he lived in with another adult and three children still has not been cleaned. This includes the sheets, clothing, and towels he used still remain inside the location.

Even though the apartment has not been decontaminated, the family members of this patient have been forced to remain in the apartment and are currently under armed guard to ensure they remain inside the location. They must submit to regular blood tests.

The state added armed guards because this victims family members left the location and were seen walking around in public. The woman who lives at the home told reporters that she was tired of being locked up.

It’s entirely possible that this family wanted to escape the contaminated living situation in which they were being forced to stay in. It seems almost insane that the state would allow this family to stay in the apartment knowing that the Ebola victim must have left quite a bit of this virus everywhere inside as he was quite sick and had advanced symptoms. Why would you force a family to stay in an infected apartment, and then be surprised when you find them walking around outside in public? It’s almost as if they want this family to become infected and/or to spread this virus.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of all this is that a cleaning crew WAS hired, but they were turned away because they needed a PERMIT to drive on state highways with hazmat materials. So, we are going to force a family to live in an infectious apartment, at gunpoint, and we aren’t going to clean it because no one has the proper PERMIT? This is government red tape at its finest!

There are other reports that other companies with the proper permits were called but they refused to accept the job. This couldn’t be confirmed at this writing, however.


5. The CDC isn’t telling the American public the truth about modes of transmission

By continuing to claim that this virus is spread only through direct contact of body fluids the CDC is only fooling itself. This lie from the CDC that Ebola is difficult to contract is simply not true. If this were fact then how did professionals, well trained in infectious disease management, still become infected? It has never been revealed how Dr. Kent Brantly became infected.

Late yesterday we received word that a cameraman for NBC news has now become infected with this disease, even though he took extreme precautions, including never touching anyone and washing himself and his clothes every single day. How did this happen if this disease is only spread through close body contact? The 33 year old cameraman said he took every precaution and washed with chlorine. Obviously, this man did not have close contact, or even touched, Ebola patients, so how did he become infected, unless the CDC is not telling us the truth?

Research has shown, and it’s also fairly obvious, that this virus can ride on tiny airborne particles of water, mucus, or spit, and infect people at a distance. Why isn’t the CDC telling the American people the truth? Why aren’t doctors and soldiers on the frontlines being told to wear full face respirators? It’s almost as if they want this virus to spread!

6. People entering customs are not questioned about where they have been

Dr. Gil Mobley recently entered the United States via the Atlanta international airport. He states that the only question customs asked him was whether or not he had any alcohol or tobacco.

It seems customs only concern is for collecting import tax and not whether you have been in a country that has a pandemic. Isn’t anyone at the helm at the US government? There is a deadly pandemic on our hands, how is it that no one is asking where people have been?!


7. The FDA is threatening those who sell natural remedies

Rather than encouraging people to improve their immune systems by consuming superfoods and trying other natural remedies, the FDA is working double-time to threaten people who are selling essential oils and colloidal silver.

In fact one company, Natural Solutions Foundation, has stated that governments are seizing shipments of colloidal silver to African nations to prevent Ebola victims from even trying it. There is no vaccine and there is no cure, so what is the harm? Are they afraid it might work?


8. The United States government knew about the outbreak in advance but kept silent

In early September, the US government bought 160,000 hazmat suits to use against Ebola. Also, disaster assistance response teams have been told to be prepared to be called for active duty in October, according to a report on the Isn’t it interesting how the government, who was telling everyone in August and September that this virus could not find its way to the US, was gearing up for an outbreak in October?


9. Even during this pandemic outbreak, our southern border is wide open

If Ebola patients can fly right into a major airport in the US, why couldn’t they fly right into Mexico and then simply walk or drive across the border?

Infected patients can WALK across the border and simply tell customs that they were on a beach holiday. No one seems concerned about this possibility.

Many people believe that the mystery virus, which has sent hundreds of American children to hospitals, most likely came to the US through our unsecured southern border. If the US government can send 3,000 troops to West Africa, then why can’t we send the same amount to our border with Mexico? Leaving this border completely open is much more than negligent; it must be deliberate because there is no other explanation.

10. The government’s advice of “don’t panic” only ensures that there will be panic

The US has gone out of its way to discourage people from taking any type of precaution or preparedness, and poking fun at preppers and survivalists as “wacko’s”.

If you have ever met any preppers, they are calm and exude a sense of control because they know they have nothing to fear. They are prepared for food shortages, water interruptions, cash flow disruptions, and power grid failure. These are the people that will rebuild society should there be a true pandemic that kills millions of people. So much for wacko’s.

Why does the government continue to belittle preppers and insist that there is no need to prepare for anything more than a weekend of shopping? Because if a pandemic hits, the American people will be obedient victims who must comply with the government in order to receive lifesaving medications, food, and water.