Is There Anything Lemon Water Cannot Do? (Beauty And Health Tips Are In!)

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Beauty And Cosmetic Applications For Lemons

For Skin:

Lemon juice can also be very effective for getting clearer, more radiant skin, as well as treating various skin ailments. The specific way you use lemon water for your skin will depend on the condition you’re trying to treat.

    • Applying lemon water to warts can help break down the growths and allow faster healing.
    • For acne, you can utilize lemon juice’s antibacterial properties. Simply apply it topically to the face (or other affected area), let it sit for 10 minutes, then wash with cool water. Lemon water’s naturally exfoliating properties will help cleanse your pores and quickly give you clear skin.
    • If you have dry or dull-looking skin, apply a mixture of lemon water and coconut oil. This blend will moisturize your skin and give it a brighter appearance.


For Hair:

  • To get rid of dandruff, try rubbing 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp and gently massaging out with water.

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