Just A Few Words About The Healing Power Of This One Common Thing

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Garlic is time-tested, safe, delicious, natural, inexpensive, and effective. In ancient times, garlic was literally worth its weight in gold. In today’s toxic world, it is vital that we are aware of our own power when it comes to our body’s ability to heal itself and in Mother Nature’s ability to help us in this endeavor.

People have used garlic as medicine for centuries. It has been used to fight skin issues through a poultice of garlic and castor oil. Almost all skin problems, such as tumors or psoriasis, will literally shrivel up and disappear within days with this method. Garlic has also been used to treat cancer by mixing up equal portions of onion, garlic juice, raw broccoli, and then a touch of ginger. This is a powerful mixture that can be hard to swallow but if you can manage it, this is one of the biggest cancer busting drinks around.

Although it is hardly new to naturopaths, many Western doctors are experimenting with binding allicin to an antibody that binds itself to cancer cells, naturally delivering the killing power of allicin directly to the cancer itself. This is still in the experimental stages but while you are waiting for this method to be approved, drink the mixture listed above to get many of the same cancer and disease fighting powers that garlic has to offer us.

Garlic contains a compound called allyl sulfur, which has been shown to prevent, or at least slow, the growth and division of cancer cells. These sulfur compounds are found naturally in both onions and garlic

The true chemistry behind garlic is more complicated than we realize. The quality of garlic, and therefore garlic supplements, can vary depending on the manufacturing process. Always buy organic garlic of good quality. The same is true of garlic supplements. Never buy cheap supplements from China. Look for quality ingredients from a well-known company. Yes, you might pay more, but don’t you want to get what you are paying for? What good does it do if you buy cheap garlic that has little or no healing power?


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Doctors don’t want to truly find a “cure” for cancer. There is too much money in the cancer business for that. Take control of your own health and don’t be fooled by those who believe that the only “real cure” is surgery, chemo, and radiation.




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