Just Say No to This Way of Thinking and Improve Your Health Instantly

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One research scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, studied water crystals for years. He tried playing different types of music to water crystals as well as using different words and emotions to other water crystals. Dr. Emoto was shocked to find that positive words lead to beautiful crystal formation and negative words led to irregular and ugly crystal shapes and colors. This should not be taken lightly when you consider the human body is made up of almost 70 percent water!

Dr. Dean Ornish of the University of California, San Francisco, wrote an article,“Healthful Living May Lengthen Telomeres and Lifespan.”  In his study, Dr. Ornish studied groups of men. One group was asked to eat a plant-based, whole food, healthy diet and follow stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation, along with walking for 30 minutes each day and spending more time with friends and family. The other men were the control group and were given no instructions. At the end of this five year study, the group that followed the instructions given by Dr. Ornish had their telomeres lengthened by 10 percent. The other men had a three percent reduction in their telomeres.


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There have been numerous studies showing that the placebo effect has just as much of a positive effect as actual treatment. Subjects who simply had positive faith in their doctor, in their ability to heal themselves and believed that the “treatment” they were undergoing would be successful, had complete recoveries. The mind’s ability to think negatively produces negative effects in the body, and positive thinking can create positive effects in the body.

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