Just Say No to This Way of Thinking and Improve Your Health Instantly

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Has anyone ever told you to stop being a negative Nellie?  Mind over matter is a well- known saying in America, but one that few people actually put into practice.

However, everyone should start considering this old saying, and put some serious effort into “mind over matter.” This saying should be considered to be a stress disease model where one’s negative thoughts and emotions are just as capable of changing one’s body for the worse, every bit the equivalent of eating a diet of nothing but candy and soda pop.

If you have read the book “The Secret,” or seen the movie, then you have an idea about how this type of thing works. Studies show that when athletes run through a race in their mind — really feeling it, imagining their legs pumping, passing other runners, reaching the finish line ahead of everyone else, and crying with happiness and gratitude at the end when they receive their medal, their brain registers every thought as if they really did run the race. In other words, there is no difference in the brain function of a runner who actually ran the race as one who can visualize the entire thing. As far as your body is concerned, what your brain thinks it did, it did it.

Telomeres are small structures at the end of chromosomes that hold them together, similar to the glue on the end of a shoelace. When that little bit of glue falls apart, your lace become unraveled. Telomeres work in much the same way with your chromosomes. When you are born, your telomeres are quite long but, over time they become shorter and shorter with “wear.” At the end of your time on this earth, they will finally fall apart, and your chromosomes unravel, so to speak, and so do you. Studies have shown that mothers who had children who were chronically or terminally ill had telomeres that were approximately 10 years shorter than the mother’s actual age. It appears that ongoing stress and negative thought patterns have a negative effect on our healthy telomeres, and can therefore shorten our lives.

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