Live Longer with These Top Immortality Herbs and Spices

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2. Holy Basil

According to the Hindu people, basil is thought to be a scared reincarnation of divinity. The holy basil plant (a cousin to sweet basil) is called “the incomparable one”. Perhaps it is called this because of its unparalleled ability to increase energy, lower stress levels, and promote longevity.  Holy basil is often recommended for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems.

Holy basil is the plant you want to turn to when you have such as stressful life that you can barely keep it under control, even with meditation. This herb reduces stress and cortisol levels like crazy, better than any other plant or even other types of supplements, all without any side effects. Holy basil also reduces inflammation, a key component of heart disease and many other chronic diseases that plague Americans today.  This plant is super easy to grow and can be used dried or served fresh. Consider planting some in your herb garden.

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