Live Longer with These Top Immortality Herbs and Spices

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3. Cardamom

This super aromatic spice is often used in Arabian and Ethiopian dishes but those who love it also add some to tea and coffee. It might sound strange, but try it before you dismiss it. Coffee with a bit of cardamom is divine!

Cardamom relaxes the muscles that line the blood vessels so they don’t become tight and cause blood pressure surges. One study had those who were suffering from high blood pressure add just a half a teaspoon of cardamom to their diets each day. Within 12 weeks, all subjects saw significantly lower blood pressure readings. This study was published in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Cardamom is terrific at improving digestion, stops heartburn, and upset stomachs. In many countries, people chew a bit of cardamom after meals to help their meal digest more efficiently. Chewing it also fights bad breath!

Cardamom is available everywhere and most people enjoy cooking with it.

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