Living And Eating Healthy: Myths Vs. Facts!

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Myth 2: I’ll have to spend hours doing cardio to lose weight. Who has time for that?

Wrong. It’s true that engaging in any form of exercise, particularly cardiovascular exercise, will burn calories and assist with losing weight. But what’s also true is that improving your diet is far, far more important for shedding unwanted pounds than any form of exercise.

Reducing the amount of sugar, high-glycemic index carbs like white rice and polyunsaturated fats like vegetable oil will be very beneficial if your goal is to lose weight. Instead, eat more healthy fats like coconut or extra virgin olive oil, as well as vegetables, fruits and high-quality proteins like grass-fed beef.

If you’re already overweight, you’ll most likely lose more weight in a shorter period of time by adopting a healthy diet without exercising than you will if you continue to eat less-healthy food while following an exercise program. Cardio helps, but putting the right fuel in your body will do far more for reducing weight than anything else.

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