Living And Eating Healthy: Myths Vs. Facts!

Sporty Woman In The Gym.

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Myth 3: I’ll have to live in the gym if I want to be healthy

This is also a huge misconception. The correct amount of time to spend exercising will depend on what your goal is, but generally speaking, it’s probably not nearly as much time as you might think. Unless you’re a professional athlete or bodybuilder, there’s no reason to be spending hours and hours a day in the gym.

30 minutes walking, 20 minutes running outside or on the treadmill or 45 minutes lifting weights is probably all you need! Part of exercise is giving yourself enough time to recover, so you don’t want to spend too much time in the gym. Exercising should be part of a comprehensive approach to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re doing it right, it becomes a part of your day that you look forward to, rather than a chore.


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Hopefully this changes the way you think about leading a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to break the bank at the grocery store or spend your whole life in the gym. It’s just a matter making different choices, following proven techniques and committing to making a change.


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