Looking for a Great All Around Protein Source? We Have the Answer

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

Protein supplements are a great addition to any healthy diet and many people find they can easily add them to their morning smoothies. Protein powders give you branched chain and essential amino acids in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. If you have ever shopped for a protein powder, however, you know that there are many, many different types, made from different substances, and many different brands.

Although there are many choices, there aren’t really that many sources that come from a high quality source. Pea protein, pure pea protein, is one of the best all-around supplements that you can buy today.

Almost all commercial protein sources used today include wheat gluten, egg, whey, and soy. Consumers should be wary of these supplements as soy is generally from GMO sources, and all of these sources not only tend to promote inflammation in the body, but they commonly cause allergic reactions.

There are also animal protein supplements. Unfortunately, most animals in America are raised in corporate owned, factory farms that are unbelievably filthy and full of toxins. Animals are loaded up with antibiotics and growth hormones while being fed disgusting, GMO, pesticide filled grains and chicken litter. Since you are what you eat (and this applies to animals as well as humans) these items accumulate in the tissues and muscles of the animals you eat.

Now animal protein is a great source of protein if animals are raised in the right conditions. Animal protein from free range chickens and grass fed cows, along with free range eggs, have the best all-around ratios of amino acids. Read more about foods that are rich source of protein.

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