Make Your Own Healthy Electrolyte Sports Drink

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When you walk down the drink aisle of any convenience store or grocery store, the shelves are filled with sports drinks- you know the ones- and they have pictures of sports stars and claim to fill your body with all the electrolytes that you need to function properly. They must be good for you, right? You see football players and soccer stars chugging them down on the playing field.

Well, the truth of the matter is, although professional athletes might drink those sports drinks where you can see them, it’s probably because they are paid to do so more than they think those drinks are healthy for them. Although they will help to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance after hard exercise, when it comes right down to it, those drinks are really little more than colored sugar water (high fructose corn syrup, we might add) loaded with artificial colors, flavors, and maybe a bit of salt. That’s it. Three or four dollars for that? Seriously?

The marketing geniuses who work with sports drinks have led us to believe that everyone needs these special drinks for our bodies to recover, even if all we’ve done is break a sweat sorting through a rummage sale! It’s important to note that there is a huge difference between a professional athlete, who might spend 6 or more hours a day working out and practicing, and those 30 minute treadmill sessions. Our bodies were designed to maintain a healthy level of electrolytes most of the time. Don’t believe it? How do you think that the pioneers managed to survive, then, after a hard day of cutting lumber, tilling the fields, building fences and houses, all without the benefit of sports drinks? They drank plain old water and somehow, they survived just fine.

However, if you like sports drinks or you feel you work out hard enough to need one, we have a recipe for your own electrolyte replacing drink that you can make at home. It contains no artificial ingredients, no artificial colors, no artificial anything, and it certainly doesn’t use that health-damaging high fructose corn syrup!

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