Make Your Own Vitamin C Supplements!

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Photo credit: bigstock

Cold and flu season is upon us, and the best way to fight off viruses is to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C is perhaps one of the best ways to do just that! This important vitamin can detoxify the body, promotes healing, and helps us deal with stress. Vitamin C supports the healthy bacteria in our gut, has anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds, kills cancer cells, and neutralizes free radicals, just to name a few. Everyone, especially children, can benefit from consuming more vitamin C. Read more about ways to fight off colds and viruses.

You might not know that almost all vitamin C supplements are made from GMO corn. It’s true.

As you might imagine, eating foods that contain vitamin C is a much smarter, and a more potent, form of this vitamin than those store bought supplements. Watermelon, dark green leafy veggies, red and yellow bell peppers, kale, kiwi, strawberries,  cilantro, coriander, rosehips, and broccoli all have more vitamin C than most citrus fruits.

Well, when it comes to watermelon, you would have to eat the whole thing and that’s not exactly something most people can do every day.

When it comes to vitamin C, it’s not necessarily how much you eat, but how much your body can absorb in a day. Most people take large amounts of vitamin C supplements without knowing that they are simply peeing out everything their body can’t use within a few hours.

Vitamin C supplement manufacturers don’t want you to know that you can actually make your own supplements much, much cheaper, and better, than anything you can buy anywhere.

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