Make Your Own Vitamin C Supplements!


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Citrus peels are super high in vitamin C. 100 grams of most citrus peels have  about 130mg of vitamin C. An average sized orange has only 71 mg of vitamin C in the fruit. The peels from citrus fruits also contain phytonutirents, live enzymes, and probably contain other nutrition we haven’t even begun to investigate.


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Save yourself some money and make your own vitamin C supplements. The next time you peel any organic lime, lemon, grapefruit, or orange, save the peels. Cut the peels into thin strips about the size of a shoestring. Place these on a plate and allow them to dry out at room temperature, away from the sun, for a few days. Wait until the peels are dry and “crispy”.  If you like, you can dehydrate the peels in your food dehydrator and store them for as long a year as long as you keep them in an airtight container.

When you are ready, break a piece into tiny pieces and mix them in your favorite tea. You will lose some of the enzymes this way due to the heat but it does make your tea taste great. If you want to get all the health benefits possible, put the dried peels into a coffee grinder or blender and crush them into a powder. You can then add this powder in your smoothies, fruit juice, or green juice smoothie. One teaspoon will give you more vitamin C and other healthy enzymes than your body will can use. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child, man or woman, no matter your age, no matter what you weigh; you will be getting more than enough vitamin C.

This is great for those about to start a lemonade detox. Save those lemon peels for later use. They should be dry and ready to use by the time you finish your detox!


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