Mercury Dental Fillings: Scary Facts Infographic

You don’t have to know much about science chemicals to know that toxins are bad for the body.  And neurotoxins, those affect our brain and thought processes are even more dangerous, but did you know that Mercury is a neurotoxin?  That may not alarm you as most of us don’t come into contact with Mercury so no problem, we’re safe we think. Not so.  Did you know that most adults are carrying around on their person Mercury, and we keep it as close to our brain as humanly possible.  It’s true, in fact if you have “silver filings,” then you too are a victim to possible Mercury contamination. And Mercury as a neurotoxin has been attributed to health problems with pshychological, neurological, endocrinal and immunological conditions and hazards.  So consider having any silver filings you have now replaced, and in the meantime read on to learn more.

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