Million Ways To Reduce Wrinkles

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Lifestyle Changes

1. Sleep Well And On Your Back

Sleeping the proper amount of time reduces the stress on our bodies which in of itself will help to reduce or prevent wrinkles from showing up. One study showed that just five consecutive nights of poor sleep can lead to an increase in fine lines and brown spots. Not only that, but the skin of those that are sleep deprived also recovers slower after exposure to the sun which just doubles the danger of forming wrinkles prematurely. Another study showed that “catching up” on sleep the next day doesn’t work either for our skin – you must get 7-9 hours in every night for it to benefit your skin.

Sleeping any which way doesn’t work either. Sleep lines are a thing – wrinkles that appear on your face after repeated nights sleeping on your sides or facedown. Sleeping on your sides creates wrinkles on the cheeks and chin and sleeping facedown creates forehead wrinkles. Back sleeping is your best bet, and also the healthiest way to sleep, to keep your face from forming wrinkles. If you just can’t stomach sleeping on your back, at the very least find a pillow that is especially designed to not wrinkle the skin – such as those made of silk or satin or specialty-designed pillows made to limit contact with your face.


2. Get Some Stress Relief

Most people realize that stress has an effect on your skin, but if you’re still on the fence about it there’s now some new research that has proved just that. Two separate studies found that those with higher levels of stress had more itchy, dry, and flaky skin and that stress levels were also related to psoriasis flare-ups and inflammatory conditions of the skin. To avoid stress-related wrinkles, make sure to create some down-time for your body every day or on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be anything time-consuming like a spa day or massage but it does have to relax you from the day’s stresses. These mini-relaxations can include doing yoga, meditation, walks, taking up a relaxing hobby, or just whatever works for you.

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