Mind Boggling Reasons You Should Never, Ever Drink Colas

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Although everyone, really, already knows that sodas aren’t healthy, you still see people sucking them down day after day. Did you know that the biggest cola seller in the world is also the most valuable and well-known brand in the world?  Did you know that you could travel anywhere in the world, anywhere, and even if you couldn’t speak a word, you would just have to say the word “Coke,” and you would instantly be understood? Coke is the second most recognized word in the world.

But do you know what happens after you down that cola? (Not just that famous brand, but any cola.) Within 10 minutes, the phosphoric acid inhibits the sugar that is in that cola. Your insulin levels will start rising after 20 minutes. The caffeine level in your blood reaches its peak after 40 minutes. The caffeine raises your blood pressure and blocks the receptors of adenosine, which will stop you from feeling sleepy. After 45 minutes, the pleasure center in your brain is stimulated by dopamine, which is the same effect that heroin has on the brain. Within 1 hour, the gastrointestinal tract can start having problems. The metabolism slows, and the phosphoric acid binds to the calcium, zinc, and magnesium in your body and releases these minerals through your urine.

There are plenty of other reasons to stop drinking sodas, and not all of them are health related. Keep reading you will probably be shocked by some of the awful facts that surround something as seemingly harmless as a soda.


1. Sodas have High Fructose Corn Syrup

When you think HFCS, think GMO, because that is where this sweetener comes from. HGCS has been linked to a wide variety of health problems but even if you want to dismiss those because “it’s just one little soda,” you can’t dismiss the dangers of GMO corn where this sweetener begins its life.


2. It Takes a Tremendous Amount of Water

From start to finish, when you talk about growing the cacao leaves and the corn, it takes about 132 gallons of water to produce 2 liters of soda. Cola makers say that it takes about 1 gallon of water to actually produce 2 liters of water. Either way, that’s a whole lot of water for a product that has no nutritional value. And for those of you living in water starved California? Yeah, there’s a huge cola plant in Downey. Nice to know that you can’t water your lawn, but they can still make plenty of soda.

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  1. Marvin Zinn

    May 25, 2015 at 11:28 am

    I remember trying these “cola” poisons 60 years ago. I thought they were terrible and never drank a drop since then.