Drinking Sodas Causes Premature Aging, Weight Gain, Even Early Death

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  Everyone has a soda now and then, right? What’s the big deal? OK, so they aren’t health food but so what? Having a soda with my lunch everyday isn’t going to kill me, right?

Uh…well…now that you mention it…

A new study shows that it just might kill you sooner than you might think. These sugary drinks are even more incredibly unhealthy, and downright dangerous, than we previously thought.


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The American Journal of Public Health states that drinking sodas shortens our telomeres. The shorter our telomeres, the shorter our lives.

What is a telomere? Think of it as a cap on the ends of our chromosomes. As we get older, telomeres get shorter. The shorter our telomeres, the harder it becomes for our cells to regenerate. This is why we get older and have signs of aging.

This study involved scientists at several universities who studied more than 5,000 adults who were asked to take part in the National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey from 1999 until 2002. Subjects were between the ages of 20 and 65. All subjects were generally healthy and had no history of heart disease or diabetes. Although they were not tracked, they were measured at one point within this timeframe. Researchers measured their stored DNA and determined that the more soda an individual drank made for shorter telomeres.

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