Which is the Most Deadly: GMOs, Cigarettes, or Diet Soda?

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Photo credit: bigstock

Well, here is a debate for the ages: Which will give you cancer more quickly: eating GMO foods, smoking cigarettes, or drinking diet sodas?

Some people would be quick to point out that the tobacco in cigarettes is known to cause cancer, and the 7,000 or so chemical additives are sure to kill you pretty darn quick.

Another group of people would tell you that it’s really the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas. Diet sodas are like the Trojan horses of manufacturers, as they taste so innocently sweet no one would think they cause cancer until they do.

Then again, some people will tell you that eating GMOs, with their inbred pesticides that kill everything that consumes them, including rats and insects, must be a killer in the end. How can anyone consume pesticides and NOT think that they will get cancer?

Imagine then the folks who are smoking their cigs all day, gulping down diet soda, and eating GMO foods for dinner? Their life clock is on a short timer for certain!

Let’s address these one at a time, starting with diet sodas. Almost all diet sodas today use aspartame, which is sold under brand names such as Equal or Nutrasweet. Aspartame is made up of not one, but three chemicals: methanol, aspartic acid, and phenylalanine. Now it’s true, cancer cells love an acidic environment where the cells are not getting sufficient oxygen or nutrients. Aspartame does all this. Numerous studies have shown that aspartame causes birth defects, brain damage, mood disorders, and worst of all, cancer. It can lead to serious changes in your serotonin levels, which leads to depression, behavioral problems and other emotional problems. Speaking of brain damage, methanol, one of the main ingredients in aspartame, turns into formaldehyde and collects in certain parts of the brain, causing degenerative diseases such as ALS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Yes, we said formaldehyde, something we use to embalm deceased persons, and preserve organs and species for studies! Does that sound like something you want to put in your body? And doesn’t this sound like a chemical that can cause cancer? Whether you believe it or not, studies show that drinking 3 diet sodas per day is actually more dangerous than smoking one pack of cigarettes per day. Although it’s true that diet sodas have far fewer chemicals than cigarettes, aspartame is literally choking your cells, mutating your DNA, and causing cancerous tumors all the same.

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