Diet Soda, Aspartame Linked to Premature Death in Women

A study done over a 10 year period showed that women who drank diet soda containing aspartame increased their risk of heart attack by an unbelievable 30 percent, and increased their risk of an early death by as much as 50 percent. This was a large, long term study that involved more than 60,000 women.

The American College of Cardiology presented their findings and almost immediately the results were quickly dismissed with statements that diet drinks don’t cause these types of risks, and that the results were merely correlated. An article on CNBC flat out said that women who drink a lot of diet soda are simply trying to cover up or make up for their other unhealthy habits. They made this statement with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Why is it that anytime some type of synthetic vitamin is linked to increased mortality, the scientific community accepts this link whole-heartedly, but anything to do with diet soda is simply a coincidence?

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Scientists refuse to delve into the issue, no matter how strong the data is, and refuse to explore the fact that aspartame is a well known neurotoxin, plain and simple. This is why women who consume diet soda have a more than 50 percent increase in death risk. Think about it: aspartame is made from the feces of genetically engineered bacteria. Poop from GMO bacteria. That should be enough to make most people turn away, but this fact is suppressed by the manufacturers.

Since aspartame is not made from any natural source, but a chemical material created in a lab, it breaks down into more chemical compounds such as methanol and formaldehyde. When it’s digested, formaldehyde becomes formic acid. This compound has been known to cause toxicity in animal biology.


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Those who, for whatever reason, want to deny that aspartame is dangerous, that all the methanol and formaldehyde has absolutely no effect on human health, continue their tirade saying that GMOs are harmless. It wasn’t that long ago that people used to tell you that mercury was harmless.

If aspartame is harmless, why is it then that it’s often linked to headaches and blurry eyesight, as well as neurological problems? Check it out; there are over 90 side effects that have been linked to aspartame, including memory loss, vertigo, insomnia, depression, seizures, headaches, migraines, hearing loss, numbness, and problems with vision, just to name a few.

Now, those big companies that produce sodas try to pretend that these side effects are not caused by their product. It appears that they believe the public is crazy. How else can they explain it? The soda companies are deceiving you and they are being unethical. They know about these problems, yet they continue to make and sell their products, telling you, in essence, that their product is safe and any side effects you are having is due to your imagination. That’s just plain wrong. Read more about why you should avoid diet sodas.

If you are a fan of diet sodas or other diet drinks, you are slowly killing yourself.

There are probably a thousand other beverages that are healthier, better tasting, and cheaper than diet sodas, and one of them is bound to suit your tastes. Tea, fruit juices, water, mineral water, almond milk, seltzer water mixed with fruit juice, or even a regular soda would be better for you than a diet soda loaded with aspartame (Find out 10 top reasons to drink lemon and warm water). You should know, also, that study after study shows that diet soda don’t help you lose weight, so you can’t even use that argument.

If for some reason you are still chugging those diet sodas, wake up! Find a healthier option, unless, of course, you plan on committing suicide via your diet drink.




  1. fuzzball

    Aug 1, 2014 at 5:45 am

    I remember a study that said people who eat two containers of yogurt every day are healthier and live longer Those that eat two yogurt everyday probably exercised more, watch their weight and eat other foods that are healthy. It was part of a normal diet for them. So if nothing else changes, two containers of yogurt mean nothing. Was this a peer study? I doubt it!!! Because it has so many flaws in it…Were they divided between those whose eating habits were already unhealthy? The simplest solution (and easiest to assume ) is eliminate sugared soda. Duhh. But it is far more than that, it is your life style

    • bettaboy

      Sep 22, 2014 at 8:21 pm

      Exactly – Having a background in research (and health care – but went holistic as soon as I turned of age) don’t believe what you read – remember in the 50’s when a famous professor said “breast milk is bad for babies” (yes he did) and mom’s started using Carnation canned crud for formula! Paid off by industry and this goes on and on.

      I used to make my own homemade yogurt – I don’t like milk and never drank it. I don’t eat it at all now but do “drink” Keefer from the best source one can find – where I am can’t make my own now. As well depends on one’s background – unless from Mediterranean background your ancestors did not evolve from gain diets (not all of course). Mine is Finnish, fish and fish soups so on. True Eskimo’s can not do well on vegetarian diets (their vegetables incorporated into fish sea vegetables)… ditto for those from equator doing well on whale blubber. It took Centuries and Millennia for people to evolve and one can not just “switch” our biology. Reason why Japanese actually have longer torsos, (extra long bowel that evolved to deal with sea vegetables/land vegetables)

  2. wolchak

    Aug 3, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    I have read that Stevia is a safe , non cancerous sweetener, why haven’t soda companies capitalized on it ? I bought my first box of stevia packets this week.
    I would like someone who has knowledge about stevia to comment, please.

    • bettaboy

      Sep 22, 2014 at 8:12 pm

      The human body was designed (evolved) along with our Earth plants, soils, soil organisms – NOT synthetic anything. The cells can not absorb foods or even water without certain natural sugars – the reason why dehydrated babies (or when one get’s IV’s of saline solution in emergancies) there is a form of sugar in it. Real honey, real maple syrup is in a from cells, molecules can identify.

      Go further and just eliminate packaged, canned (heated so high enzymes are destroyed – the key to life) and fake (soda’s have more toxins in them besides sugars). As well once one eliminates these foods (hidden sugars and even rubber hardeners so on that act like sugar – reason cat treats are hard for cats to resist – even over raw beef! They are addicted (sugar like cocaine to the brain) and the companies know this.

      Once you are off fake or fake processed sugars, (even cane, but corn worse) and go back to something you ate formerly – it will astound you at how sweet is seems (and is).

      One of my former MD’s in NYC – Gave up AMA (rockefella formed AMA) for holistic means.


      The more sweet foods we consume, the more we want them. This
      is the way evolution designed the function of sweetness
      taste buds in the mout—when ready-energy foods (fruits and
      sweet vegetables) were available, the body want to take in
      more for storage for later use. For individuals with obesity
      and diabetes, the ideal way is a no-sweet way. For
      diabetics, at this time I can recommend only Stervia. For
      them and others, when something sweet has to be taken, I
      suggest blueberries that may be taken with cottage cheese or
      one-half of a green apple or a pear. On uncommon occasions,
      small quantities of natural sweeteners; raw honey and dates
      may be used for uncoked foods. For cooked dishes, natural
      syrups (maple, rice, and others) and fuit juices (apple,
      cranberry, and others) may be consumed.