Drinking Sodas Causes Premature Aging, Weight Gain, Even Early Death

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With one simple blood test, researchers could read a subjects biological clock and figure out their risk of premature death. A few of these studies also found that shorter telomeres predicted cognitive issues. This means that the cellular aging that sodas do to our bodies might predispose you for dementia.

Researchers were unable to make a significant connection between the consumption of diet sodas and noncarbonated sugar sweetened beverages with the length of telomeres, but the consumption of 100 percent pure fruit juice, no added sugars or other ingredients, was marginally associated with longer telomeres. So even though the typically carbonated sugar filled sodas were linked to a shorter lifespan and premature aging, 100 percent pure fruit juice appear to be just the opposite and benefit long term health.

Many people think that as long as they aren’t gaining weight, they can continue to drink sodas and it doesn’t really matter, but this study shows a connection, some type of invisible pathway that leads to an accelerated aging process, even if it doesn’t bring about weight gain.

Roughly 50 percent of Americans drink a least one soda every day and these sodas contain approximately 200 calories each. Empty, aging calories no one needs. Find out the effect of drinking soda.

The scientists in this study say that for every 20 ounce soda, you age an additional 4.6 years. That is just about equal to the dangers of smoking a pack of cigarettes every day.

Wow. Let that sink in.

So, if someone told you that developing much fewer cavities, ditching a few pounds, and slow down those aging telomeres, just by giving up one drink, wouldn’t you do it? You can! The soda habit isn’t that hard to ditch, not compared to cigarettes or fast foods. Try a squeeze of fruit juice in some water or sparkling water and try that for a change. You probably won’t even miss that soda, but after a few weeks you should notice how much better you feel.






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