Mindset And Why It Matters

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Perception is reality

This can be a handy expression to keep in mind during times like this. Criticism from other people can have no power over you — unless you allow it to. Receiving criticism is not the problem; your perception and reaction to it is.

Remember: You do not control other people, but you do control your own mind.

Think: Was their criticism constructive? Was it a critique of an idea, or behavior, rather than you as a human being?

What was their goal in providing that criticism? Was it to help, or to hurt? If it is the former, you should not rush to take it personally. If it’s the latter, then you’ve identified someone you may need to cut out of your life, or at least reduce the amount of time you spend around them.

Sometimes the ego gets defensive and fails to see that there might actually be something beneficial in criticism we receive. Analyze the situation as objectively as you can.



It is important to realize that it is almost 100 percent certain that you are not the only person dealing with the problems you are currently facing, and you are not the only one who is afraid of being judged for it. The fear of and desire to avoid disapproval is almost universal.

Besides, it just doesn’t make sense to worry what other people might think. Those people who you think are judging you have own insecurities and issues they are dealing with. You are not taking up as much space in their minds as you might think you are. Even the people who do criticize you have their own problems, and dislike the idea of others finding fault with themselves just as much as you do.

Examine who you typically spend time with in your social life and at work. Is there anyone in particular who stresses you out, or who’s approval you are seeking? No matter who they are, they are just a human being, like you.

Everyone’s life is different, and their circumstances are unique. But there are enough commonalties in the human experience to develop these general principles for freeing ourselves from the stress of caring so much what other people think.


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It’s your life — stop living it through other people’s lenses. Your mind and body will thank you for it.




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