MIY All Natural Bug Spray/Pesticide for Your Garden

Container Garden

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There are a few other natural sprays that have been known to help kill or deter insects. Some of the best are:

v  Dissolve several teaspoons of baking soda in water and spray to kill and prevent fungus or powdery mildew on your plants.

Lemon balm tea is pretty effective at killing aphids and squash bugs. Apply two or three times per week as needed.

v  Make a tea from powdered kelp and it will help kill aphids and deter Japanese Beetles. This is also very nourishing to your plants so spray them at least once per week or more often if pests are present.

v  A mixture of water and some neem oil is another good option for killing and deterring many garden pests.

Diatomaceous Earth is a super, all purpose insect killer for any and all insects however, be forewarned, it kills everything, including butterflies, bees, and dragonflies, so be very discriminating with its use. Simply sprinkle on infested plants as needed. You will need to reapply after rain or after watering. Read more about DIY insect traps.

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