How Much Do You Know about the Honey in Your Kitchen?


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Honey is one of the greatest super foods around. It is naturally anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. But when you go to your supermarket, do you really know what you are buying?

One professor at Texas A&M tested dozens of honey samples that were all purchased at major US supermarket chains. When the testing was done, the results were rather shocking. Almost all of them had their pollen removed from their final product. This is generally because most store bought “honey” has been so heavily processed that it had lost just about of the things that makes honey the super food that it is.

As much of the 76 percent of the samples that were purchased from major grocery store chains had all the pollen removed from the honey that was sold. However, honey that was purchased from drug stores was even worse, with 100 percent of the pollen removed from the honey purchased at those locations.

Oh, and those little individual honey packets that you get at fast food restaurants? They don’t have pollen in them either.

Even the FDA says that any honey which has been so filtered that it no longer contains any pollen should not be called honey. The World Health Organization agrees, saying that without pollen it is impossible to determine where the honey came from or if it is safe.

Unfortunately, most of the honey that is sold in America comes for unknown or illegitimate sources in China and India. Further analysis of these “honey” products show that some of them contain illegal antibiotics, heavy metals, and other dangerous compounds. So not only is this honey completely void of any nutritional value, it can actually be dangerous for your health. Although you can’t say much about table sugar, compared to these brands of honey sugar is starting to look good. At least you won’t find illegal antibiotics in table sugar.

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