Natural Heartburn Remedies More Effective Than Drugs

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4. Check any medications you are taking

If you are already taking several prescription medications, make sure to talk to your physician to see if any of them are causing you to suffer from heartburn as a side effect. There are certain birth control pills and blood pressure medications that could be increasing your chances of getting heartburn.


5. Reduce your stress levels

Studies have found a link between stress and reflux, GERD, and other stomach issues. The higher amount of stress you have, the more likely you are to suffer from these conditions. It increases their severity as well.


6. Switch to a Paleo diet

While the Mediterranean diet is an excellent program that has many health benefits to its credit, the Paleo diet has the same guidelines, except it does not allow grains or dairy.

If you are used to reaching for medications to eliminate your heartburn, you may want to think again. It has been found that many of the natural ways to deal with heartburn went up against the proven pharmaceuticals, and they were determined to be just as effective.

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