Natural Home Remedies for Tooth Decay and Cavities

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To end tooth decay, first start with your diet. Focus on eating healthy foods that will restore your mineral and calcium levels such as:

  • Grass-fed organic dairy (think butter), seafood, grass-fed meats, bone broth, and coconut oil
  • Organ and gland meat, like liver and kidneys
  • Organic vegetables (soups made with veggies and bone broth are perfect)

Foods such as grains, beans, nuts, and seeds should be limited, while sugar and processed flour should be eliminated. These foods are high in phytic acid.

Consider taking supplements such as magnesium, gelatin, and fermented cod liver oil.

Now, take a look at some of the top remedies you can use to restore those pearly whites.


1. Cloves

This is one of the most important agents for treating any kind of dental or mouth issue you might have, including cavities. Cloves can not only help treat mouth pain, but it can actually stop a cavity from growing larger. You can chew on fresh cloves, or dilute 3 drops of clove oil with1/4 teaspoon coconut oil or sesame seed oil. Put this solution on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected tooth. Repeat this each night at bedtime.


2.  Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a centuries-old practice that reduces cavities, helps heal bleeding gums and stops bad breath. It also helps to kill the harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause many dental problems. Oil pulling is easy. Put a tablespoon of coconut oil or sesame seed oil in your mouth and swish it around for 10 to 20 minutes. Spit it out and brush normally. Do this each morning, before you eat.

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