Put An End To Most Skin Problems By Using These Common Kitchen Items

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar improves the body’s immune response when it comes to fighting viruses and bacteria. It’s also super alkalizing and has anti-inflammatory compounds. You can use this method to kill warts: Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and then tape it over the wart. Allow to sit overnight. If you want this to work faster, poke the wart with a needle in several different spots so that the vinegar can get down inside quickly.


3. Garlic

Another great way to stop skin problems like warts is garlic. Crush a clove of fresh garlic and cover the wart with it. Apply a bandage and allow to sit overnight. You can also put a drop or two of garlic oil on the wart and then cover with a bandage. Continue this treatment until the wart turns black and falls off.


4. Bananas

You have probably never considered this one, but rubbing a wart with the inside of a banana peel a few times each day is a very efficient way to remove them. Of course, it’s sometimes a bit embarrassing to carry around a banana peel so do this: Cut a small piece off the peel and tape it in place so that the white part is touching the wart. Do this before bed each night. In the morning, wash the spot and then repeat with a fresh piece of banana peel. Continue until the wart falls off.


5. Duct Tape

OK, so perhaps you don’t have this in your kitchen (under the sink, maybe?), but you should have some in the house. Although scientists don’t completely understand why this works, duct tape has been proven to be very effective at removing warts and skin tags. In one study, subjects who used duct tape had an 85 percent success rate at removing warts and a 100 percent success rate at removing skin tags. Simply place a piece of duct tape over the offending wart or skin tag. Be certain that it covers the area completely. Change the duct tape whenever it falls off or every few days. Some suggest rubbing the top of the wart with a piece of pumice stone or an emery board but most will tell you that you don’t even have to do that. Within days the wart will turn black and one day simply pull off with the duct tape. The same is true of skin tags.


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Be careful when applying any of these methods, as duct tape can pull off the top skin layer if the wart is in a sensitive area. Additionally, some find that apple cider vinegar is too strong for their delicate skin.



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