Putting A Face With A Name Makes It A Cooperative Effort

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Have the person spell out your name

The first meeting is also a great opportunity for you to ask them how they spell their name. When a person spells their name, you can visualize it in your mind spelled out on a chalk board so you don’t forget it.


Use other words to associate with their name

When you find out their name it is helpful to ask them if they have a business card they can share with you. You can always jot down a few notes for your own reference in the future: color hair, funny, job title, etc. You can also bring in a few words to help you remember them as well. If a guy has a full head of hair and his name is Terry, Hairy Terry would help you bring him to mind even faster.


Try to connect their name with other people you know or celebrities

This tip works out great if you have a friend that has the same name. You can think of your buddy Eric if the new person’s name is also Eric. You can also attach it to a celebrity’s name that is the same to help you remember it as well.


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Make a commitment to remember their name

Make a decision that you are going to work on your memory and remember everyone’s name as you meet them. Use the tips to associate words or images with these people and once you meet them a few times and are confident of their name you will have made a new friend and you will increase the future cooperation you will have with this person.




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