Rethinking How We Bring Food To Our Homes Or OOOOBY

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The ultimate goal of this program is to offer customers an alternative to supermarkets, for customers to know where their food is from and where the funds of their purchases are going. This program is always expanding its base. It originally began with eggs, bread, and produce but as more and more farmers come on board, it is hoped that Ooooby might also be able to supply people with grass fed, free range meats as well.

Some of the best benefits that come from the Ooooby program are:

  • Empowering people to make informed choices
  • Direct contact with farmers and other growers
  • A more efficient means of food distribution and delivery
  • Less reliance on the current industrial food system
  • Great program for the elderly or those who find it difficult to get to regular farmer’s markets
  • Significantly fewer food miles involved = smaller carbon footprint
  • Funds stay within the local community
  • Better access to locally grown food
  • Better quality produce at competitive prices
  • Growers receive significantly better financial returns


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If this sounds good to you, consider setting up an Ooooby program in your area. Even if you know nothing about farming or food production, you can be a part of this exciting grass roots program.

This is an exciting program that everyone can be a part of!


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