Rural Tribes Far From Civilization Don’t Suffer From Back Pain … So Why Should You?

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Muscles Are Stronger

Gokhale also found that the people in these tribes have stronger muscles. This could be a result of diets that don’t contain loads of artificial ingredients and additives. The fact that they engage in plenty of physical labor in a typical day has also helped them to grow these muscles so they can become more powerful over time.

The people in these rural communities aren’t as likely to live sedentary or relaxed lifestyles. They are more likely to stay active through work and labor. When combined with their diets, which are healthier when compared with what we have, they can keep their spines from becoming weak or wearing out quickly.


Growing Muscles

Many of these muscles are grown over time through repeated activities, but in many cases, these activities are simply habits. The Aleut people, as seen in a 1925 study, would often squat down on the floor in a balanced position to complete various tasks. The efforts that people in the tribe would follow over time helped them to build stronger muscles and better posture. This helped them to stay active and healthy without back pain. This is a routine that comes naturally to the people.

The strong abdominal muscles of the Aleuts were noticed in the same study. These help people to stay active while also supporting the back by keeping it straight and strong. As a result, the back is less likely to suffer from pain over time.

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