Rural Tribes Far From Civilization Don’t Suffer From Back Pain … So Why Should You?

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Nowadays, we use a variety of methods to treat back pain. We use massages, stretching devices and other tools to try to get our muscles to stop feeling sore. We even use assorted medicines to relieve our pain, in spite of how they can cause side effects and even be addictive.

These problems have plagued society for years. In fact, back pain is often caused by our lifestyles. We sit improperly in our chairs while at work, we slouch while walking and we sleep in funny positions. Many people don’t get the exercise that they require in order to stay healthy, either.

We could all learn things from indigenous rural tribes that are located far from civilization. They don’t have to worry about back pain when compared with what we deal with.

But what makes this possible? Acupuncturist Esther Gokhale traveled to many tribal sites around the world to see if these people know any secrets about how to manage back pain. It turns out that these people have spines that are shaped a little differently. In fact, her studies are just the latest in a series of discoveries that relate to how such people aren’t as likely to suffer from annoying back pains.


The Impact of Spine Shape

Gokhale found that the people in these tribes have J-shaped spines instead of the S-shaped spines that most people have. The J-shaped spine doesn’t have the more typical two separate curves.

The J-shaped spine is a little straighter around the midsection. It is similar to the spinal columns that can be seen in ancient sculptures from hundreds of years ago.

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