Scientific Proof That Olive Oil Is Healthy For Us

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You may have to follow a low-fat diet but there is no question that our bodies require some fat in order to work properly. The good news is that virgin olive oil is one of the best forms of fat available and should be a part of most people’s daily diet. We have all heard of olive oil, but what is the difference between regular olive oil, virgin olive oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Is it really that healthy for us? And which one is the best choice.


What is the difference in the different types of olive oil?

Olive oil obviously comes from the olive tree and is derived from pressing the olives.  Its simple enough, but not all olive oil is the same.

  • Extra virgin olive oil – this is the very best you can buy. It is processed using only natural extraction methods and adheres to specific techniques in order to maintain the highest quality taste and smell. It has a high level of phenolic antioxidants and its acidic level can’t be more than 1.5 percent.
  • Virgin olive oil – this type is close in quality and taste to extra virgin oil but it is cheaper. It has to have an acidity level that is 2 percent or lower.
  • Light olive oil – these types may have used solvents during their extraction process or were diluted with lesser and cheaper kinds of oil. Many of these cheaper olive oils are used to pack items that are said to be packed in olive oil.

Of all types of this special oil, extra virgin is the best to use for cooking and eating and is the one that is credited for the most health benefits. Here are a number of scientific studies that prove why olive oil is so good for us.


1. Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers in Italy conducted tests at the University of Florence showing that the polyphenols that are found in extra virgin olive oil was found to delay or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The findings were published in a peer-reviewed journal entitled PLOS One. The clinical trial was performed on mice, and after 8 weeks of being given extra virgin olive oil, the mice in the trial showed no signs of cognitive impairment as opposed to the group that did not get the extra virgin olive oil.

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