Seven Foods That Increase Your Sex Drive and Five That Kill It

Slices of juicy watermelon

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4. Pumpkin Seeds

Like almonds, these seeds are high in zinc, which is vital for men when it comes to proper testosterone production as well as healthy sperm. These small green seeds are also high in libido-boosting vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, vitamin E, D, C, K and B. Next Halloween, be sure to save those pumpkin seeds!


5. Watermelon

You might want to start thinking of little red cubes of watermelon instead of little blue pills next time you notice your libido is in the dumps. The Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Center illustrated in a study that watermelon contained phytonutirents that helped relax the blood vessels, bringing blood to the genitals. Watermelons are low in calories as well, so you can eat virtually as much as you like. Read more about watermelon that you didn’t know.


6. Blackberries

These little berries pack a big libido punch. The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida did a study that suggested just eating 10 blackberries (sometimes called black raspberries) before hitting the bedroom can not only help your libido, but also improve your sexual stamina.


7. Garlic

Okay, if you eat this just before bed your partner is sure to turn away, but there is one undeniable fact: Garlic will really stir up the sexual fire! The heat in garlic also increases the heat in your loins. The active ingredient in garlic, alllicin, increases blood flow to the genital area. The only problem with garlic is that it won’t work overnight. You need to consume it for at least four weeks before it starts working its magic. Try taking some garlic supplements to avoid that very unromantic garlic breath.

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