Side Effects Of Energy Drinks Infographic

Energy drinks are considered today as a yet another type of beverage.

You can find this product almost everywhere: gas station or shop, at any place where beverage is being sold. But the thing is that energy drinks are dietary supplements and like most of other supplements these ones have more bad sides than benefits.

Look through the infographic and learn all side effects of energy drinks. Also there is a very interesting part of the infographic that suggests you alternatives to energy drinks. Such natural alternatives may give you almost the same feelings and taste but are definitely healthier. How often do you consume energy drinks?

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One Comment

  1. American Beverage Association

    Nov 7, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    FDA-approved energy drinks have been safely enjoyed around the world for nearly three decades, and in the U.S. for about 15 years. Also, as science confirms, caffeine is a safe ingredient, and most energy drinks have about half as much
    caffeine as a similar size coffeehouse coffee. Moreover, energy drink makers go above and beyond what is required both in terms of publishing transparent labeling information, and in terms of marketing practices. For example, drink makers have voluntarily pledged not to sell or promote these products to K-12 schools. These, and other steps, demonstrate that the industry is doing its part to
    market energy drinks responsibly to the audiences for
    whom they are intended.
    -American Beverage Association